UK Admission Checklist

UK Admission Checklist

Documents required for Processing the university Application – UK

The main intake for all educational Institutions in UK is September . Every university opens admissions for all courses that they offer, for the September intake. There is also a Mid-year intake offered by some British Universities during January / February. It is important to keep in mind that, a university offering an intake in Jan/ Feb might not necessarily offer all the courses that they have on list, during the mid year intake. Whether or not a University will offer a Jan / Feb intake can be found out on the university website, but this decision is often taken by the university depending on the number of applications they receive of a particular subject, for the Jan / Feb intake.

It also important to keep in mind that application to Undergraduate courses needs to be routed through UCAS(Universities and Colleges Admission Services). Further information about UCAS can be found on As the UCAS procedure can sometimes take a longer duration of time, a large number of British Universities are now enabling Indian students to apply directly to the University, without necessarily using the UCAS route. Deadlines must be kept in mind, when applying through UCAS, in which case applications must be made before June 30, incase of international students living outside the UK/ EU.

Along with the application form, a few documents are required to make a complete Postgraduate application, please find the list below

Curriculum vitae – (original -signed by the student.)

Academic Transcripts (photo copies)

The following academic transcripts must be enclosed:

  • Class X mark sheet
  • Class XII mark sheet
  • Mark sheets of the degree course
  • Provisional/Degree certificate
  • Any other diploma or certificate or extra-curricular activity certificates

Statement of purpose (Original – Signed by the student)

Two Recommendation Letters (Original letterheads only)
The Recommendation letters should preferably be obtained from your College/ University Principal, Professors, and Lecturers. It can also be obtained from your current or ex- employer, in case if you have work experience and this is especially applicable for MBA aspirants.

English Language Certificate   –   IELTS/TOEFL — 6.0-6.5/70-90

Three Passport size Photographs – (Recent students name written on the back of them)

Work Experience Certificate (on the original letter heads)
In case if you are working, you should get Work Experience letter/ certificate from your employer stating the duration and nature of work done by you in the company/Institute/Organization.

A Photocopy of your passport – (Front two pages and lasttwo pages)

Important points to be considered

A professional Resume is required for MBA or management related programmes requiring work experience with details of roles and responsibilities of each job.

If you are a final year graduate you can still apply with a semester to complete and a conditional offer will be made form the university where in you need to submit the provisional degree and complete marks sheets before launching your file for visa  in order to get your full unconditional offer letter( visa letter)

If you have scored more than 65 % or above in English in level 10 and 10+2, we can  request the university for the English exam waiver (IELTS or TOEFL)

One can apply without having the IELTS or TOEFL scores in hand but a conditional offer is made and scores must be submitted afterwards in order to get your full unconditional offer.

For securing scholar ships one should have at least 65% of marks in bachelor’s degree and IELTS score of over all 6.5 bands or above.

Also check with your counselors whether the university has a provision of default scholarship for all international students.

Most common entry requirement for most of the science programmes are IELTS 6 bands and a higher second class in bachelor degree.

Top tier universities and health related programmes might require a first class in bachelors and 6.5 bands in IELTS.

MBA programmes for fresher’s are also available in some select universities which require 6 to 6.5 bands IELTS and 60% or above in bachelors degree.

Please note if your English mark fall below 70% in ISE/CBSE/State Board (+2 level), we suggest you to immediately arrangements for TOEFL or IELTS exam as this will avoid unnecessary delay.

Once you have submitted all the documents mentioned above, university might take approximately one month to process your application and to generate a conditional offer letter provided if you meet the entry requirements of the course.